Friday, December 5, 2008

Such a cute 'lil Oscar the Grouch!

I couldn't resist capturing my cute lil Oscar the Grouch sleeping under the Christmas tree tonight! He's such a little he**-cat most of the time, it makes me smile to see him so cute and adorable! (Although, he'll 'headbutt' me about four o'clock in the morning demanding his breakfast....and I'll send him over toward hubby...LOL!)

Without going into much details, today has been a rough day! Just a lot of stress that was unexpected, and needless to day I'm happy to be in my PJ's sitting in front of the Christmas tree and watching "The Guardian" (which is a fabu Nicholas Sparks book...). Gives me an excuse to blow off steam whilst watching a Kleenex-worthy movie! *sigh* In the words of my favorite Scarlet O'Hara...."Tomorrow is another day"!


Veronica said...

I hope your day got better!! I need a better reason to use a box of Kleenex than I have! ;) Hope you have a good one today!

Amy said...

Hey you! Great to hear from you, I had been stopping by here glad you're blogging again..sorry you had a bad day...hope it will get better!!
If you are for real about your townhouse please email me details..yes we are interested, I don't have your email...mine is have to be there by the end of Feb but the kids and I won't be going until we can't get our house either rented or sold...I loved The Guardian..I didn't know they made it into a I have to go look on netflix...and yes this is the longest blog comment me please..LOL

kelliebean said...

Aww, I'm sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully you had a good ol' boo-hoo and feel much better (works for me every time!).

Love the cat in the tree shot. I could've gotten one yesterday, myself, but I was too busy keeping the dog out from under said tree. Maybe she was trying to get said cat out from under...who am I kidding - they were "playing" cat and dog again. *sigh* It's gonna be a looooonnnnng Christmas. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Veronica said...

Hey Girl!! How ya doin'?