Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Movie Night

It's really important to me that my family (me, Bob and Morgan) have 'traditions'. One tradition that we have is "Family Movie Night". Every Saturday night (other than the Saturday nights that Morgan is having a sleepover) we have "Family Movie Night". The three of us, with other members of our family...Like pets, Zack, Fred, Ethel and Oscar....will sit down with popcorn from a retro hot oil popper and enjoy a 'family-friendly' movie. Recently, we've been enjoying 80's movies (aka Karate Kid, ET, Indiana Jones, etc.). Morgan loves the fact that Momma and Daddy Bob watched these "way back when". We have a ball sitting around the living room laughing, and eating popcorn. To me, these traditions are MANDATORY!

I'm interested to see what kind of traditions your family has, so SHARE! LOL!


kelliebean said...

And I thought I was the only one with CRStuff...

I MEANT to say - Go theme trees! Wahoo! ;)

Traditions for us are informal and very dependent upon hubby's work schedule. We love to take an after-dinner walk to the park almost every day, though. Thankfully our weather is still nice enough to do just that.

I love that popcorn popper - just awesome!

Amy Jo said...

LMButtocksoff! (or at least I hope to lose five pounds off 'em!)

*laughs* at the CRS comment.

Traditions are what you make them, whether it be a walk in the park or cheesy 80's movies, it's family time together...and that's all that matters :)

Huggers for the post! Thank ya doll!