Saturday, December 13, 2008

*locking down the shutters* preparing for a vicious ICE STORM!

Everything's too quiet tonight (Mo's having a great time at a friend's birthday sleepover, and hubby has been up since wayyyy too early) so all that's left up is me and the pets. The Christmas tree is glowing and I'm watching the "Weather Channel"! LOL! Seems we're gearing up to a vicious ICE storm for tomorrow night through Monday afternoon. Hubby brought in some extra firewood tonight and I made that important trip to the grocery today for staples...pretzels and salad fixins (for me!) and some yummy treats for the family that aren't concerned that the hind view is growing! LOL!

Funny, it seems sooo quiet in the house when Mogley isn't here, even though she'd be sound asleep by now. It's still wierd with her not being here, (even though I made her take my cell phone and call me before they settled down for the night! LOL!, I'm sure she was embarrassed to have to call "momma" but, she just has to do it for my frame of mind!)

It's only six days until me and Mo leave for WV and home. I'm so excited, but then again, I feel badly that hubby won't be joining us this year for the family festivities. I understand though that he won't get off work before 4pm on the 24th and has to be at work at 6am on the 26th. Not exactly time enough to drive 8 hours to WV one way! Still makes me sad that he won't be there with us for the "family Christmas festivities".

I've been absent lately from blogging, but we've been totally re-vamping the store and I've been working a lot more lately to get it done in time for holiday shopping. Needless to say, I've been falling into bed earlier this past week, but the store looks wonderful. I did take some time to take pictures of my Christmas decorations and our special ornaments. We have a tradition every year that we get a "special ornament" to hang on the tree. My mom still does it with me and my brother and has expanded it to include Hannah-Bug and Morgan. We still do it too...Morgan always gets a special ornament and new pajamas on Christmas Eve....although this year she's asked for an old-fashioned gown and bonnet....all white linen and I'm on the search to find the perfect outfit! (Truth be known, I can only imagine the pics of her on Christmas Eve, black and white in that white/lace gown and bonnet, now I HAVE to find it!) :)


WindowProsofva said...

Shutters come in many different forms including Cafe style shutters (which cover the lower half of the window), tier-on-tier shutters (two separate layer of shutters), full height (covering the whole window), and shaped shutters (to fit difficult, or unusual windows).

Kathy said...

I love that tradition of getting new ornaments. My mother used to do that for the kids.

I hope you find those pajamas, because you are RIGHT, that would make for some COOL pictures!

kelliebean said...

Oh, I love Precious Moments!!! :)

We do the pj's on Christmas Eve, too. I hope you find just the right ones!

My hubby couldn't go to Thanksgiving with us because of work - I felt so bad, but he told me to go on. Now he's in Kentucky (nice weather out that way, right?!) for his job. :( He'll be landing back here on Christmas midnight! But I still miss having him around for the pre-holiday insanity - uh, fun. ;)

I hope you and Mo have a safe, safe trip and a fantastic time with your family.

Veronica said...

Hope you are fairing okay with the storm. Have a safe trip. Enjoy your holidays!!!