Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day in My Life...Albeit not very exciting!

My ordinary day in words and pictures... (I haven't figured out how to collage the pictures yet, because I'm Photo shop stupid!)
-Alarm went off at 7:30am. I got OUT of bed and was cognizant enough to reset the alarms for 7:45am. Proceeded to go back to bed for those precious 15 minutes. Morgan was up at 6:15am approximately.

-Hubby Bob calls at 7:45am and makes me talk to him a few minutes until he's sure I'm vertical!

-Call down the stairs to my precious child who finally tears herself away from the tv program she's engrossed in to answer on the third "MORGAN!"

-Shuffle downstairs to see that she has had Easy Fries dipped in Teriyaki sauce for breakfast. Spend the next five minutes having the discussion of "good breakfast choices". Thus far, the score is "Had this talk=50+" "Morgan following my direction=nada". LOL!
-Tries not to roll my eyes while my little Diva and I discuss the wardrobe choice for the day.

-Have a meaningful talk with her whilst her mouth is full of toothpaste (and she can't talk back!) while I'm fixing her hair I go over making "good choices" at school. ("Think before you say and do!" is our family motto that we repeat every morning!)

-8:21 Amy's carpool service pulls out of the driveway and pick up the other two scholars from my neighbor's (darling little brothers with big blue eyes and platinum blonde hair)

-The three minutes to school includes the following conversation: "Please don't kick the back of the seat""Please don't hit your brother""Don't unbuckle your brother's seatbelt""Let's just keep our hands to ourselves please.""Please don't pinch each other guys!" This morning was especially action-packed in the car! LOL!

-8:35am Everyone deposited safely at school as the rain plops down and gets my Crocs wet. :)

-Enjoys the complete silence of the house and reads some emails, checks the online store and indulges in a guilty pleasure of watching ER rerun while eating a cold BBQ chicken breast from last night's dinner. (Ate it off the fork no need for a plate!)

-It's all Zack's fault (the dog!) The rain is falling, it's grey and gloom, ER is on and he's snoozing away happily...which makes me snooze too! ZZZZZZ!

-*YAWN* *Stretch* and make me a salad for lunch. (Am I the only one that can turn a salad into a 4-million calorie meal?) Mine had spring mix, croutons, mushrooms, green onions, feta cheese, slivered almonds, craisins and LITE raspberry-walnut vinaigrette! (Yeah, I saved some on the dressing!)

-Time to get busy....gather laundry from bedrooms, bathrooms, under beds, in closets, and begin it; unload and load the dishwasher, sweep the floor, run the vacuum upstairs, clean the kitchen...take a breath

-Turn the coffee pot back on to reheat this morning's pot...enjoy a cuppa joe as I watch "wife swap" while folding a load of laundry. (That show is another guilty pleasure!)

-Clean my closet (putting all my shirts in color-coordinated OCD style, as Bob says), put away two baskets of clothes (ugh! my least favorite job) and await my precious child from school

-Take a self-portrait in the hall tree mirror as I sit on the steps as Morgan gets home. Thrilled to learn that the day was uneventful and all choices were seeming good (YAY!). Dear hubby arrives home shortly thereafter and is met with his nutty wife and her camera!

-Does the laundry ever end?

-Catch site of this majestic sunset as I rinse dishes after dinner (a very healthy pork egg rolls with lots of soy). We decided to have a "free-for-all" for dinner, which is where anyone can have anything for dinner (as long as it is within reason)

-Off to girl scouts, I come back home to catch some of NCIS and begin the taunting task of documenting all this in a blog. Back to pick up the munchkin from Girl Scouts.

-At the moment, listening to the bath run upstairs for that child o'mine as my hubby irons a shirt for work tomorrow and breathing a sigh of contentment. In a few moments, there will be hair drying, teeth brushing and a chapter to read Morgan from "Little House on the Prairie" and hopefully, our day will fade to a peaceful black....only to start again tomorrow.

There it is...in all it's boring glory, and I'm thankful every day for my very ordinary , somewhat boring life. Thanks for watching!

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Veronica said...

Wish my day started as late as yours! ;-) Needless to say, my kiddos are out the door by 6:50 AM!! Then my first "chiken" arrives and my day begins!! I think we both have the "boring" down to a science! LOL