Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whew....finally back online!

Grrr! Have I let it be known how much I just DETEST computer problems? Not only did my router get fried (I'm assuming) but so did my laptop network card! Again, I say GRRRRR! What a pain in the *errrmmmm*....well, patooski.

Let me just say.....I MISS MY MOMMY! *sob* I've had the extreme pleasure of having my mom and Aunt K visit for the past week and I forgot how great it is to have my family close. It's been nearly 3 years since I moved from West Virginia, and although I am living a very blessed life with BB and Mo, I do miss being able to see my mom and dad every day (nearly) and having aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents close. Reflecting back on how wonderful this week has been to be able to wake up and come downstairs and there is my mom saying "good morning honey" and offering a fresh cup of coffee....*sigh* the house feels lonely tonight, even though my hubby and daughter are here. Truth is, feels empty without mom! I'm so very lucky to have such a great lady for my me, she's my very best friend and I value every minute she's in my life. (And did I mention she fixed my favoritest, favoritest meal in the whole wide world....pinto beans, cornbread and fresh mustard greens smothered in vinegar!!!!! YUMMMO!)

Last Sunday, at 4:37pm my sweet baby girl turned 10! I don't know where the time went...I've spent the last week looking through photos birth photos, 1st bath, crawling, walking, etc. I don't know how 10 years has passed by so quickly. It's going too fast! What I wouldn't give to slow it down, and absorb every second I have with her, that infectious giggle, those crazy silly faces and the ultimate joy that she gives me every minute of every day.

Lastly, the chill is definitely in the air. I welcome fall and those chilly nights. The past week has been switching out the wardrobes...putting away tank tops and shorts and pulling out fleece pullovers and cable-knit sweaters. Something else has been welcomed back in my house....*sigh* I just love a roaring fire in the fireplace. It equals fall to me, chilly cold nights, and relaxing while I'm watching the fire.....hmmmmm.

Hopefully, the computer problems are solved and I can get back to blogging regularly. Hope I haven't been totally forgotten......:)

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Veronica said...

Well, I'M GLAD you're back!! Understand compy probs, my external hard drive isn't working!!! Yeah, family IS great!