Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random Ramblings

Today is a fun filled day (except for the few hours I have to work...although I have to admit I LOVE my job!). Big neighborhood she-bang for "Back to school". Love, love my neighborhood...we'll use any excuse possible to get together with good friends and beer! LOL! All the kiddos will be out in full-force with bathing suits and screaming laughter! (which we all enjoy!)

Last night, I got some great pictures of our three kitties. Of course, Ethel is asleep on the back of the couch but that rarely ever changes! LOL!

The house smells so good! For some reason, people out here don't drink sweet tea or eat sauce on their hot dogs! (They call it 'chilli' out here I'm told.) So, I'm treating all my neighbors to "Hillbilly Hot Dogs" hot dog sauce recipe. (You can visit their site at: ) They are redneck-famous around my West Virginia roots and mmm-mmm good. They were also featured on the Travel Channel and have a great atmosphere. A true Hillbilly original. How my mother ended up with the recipe, I dunno but I'm sure glad she passed it onto me, so I can bring some Hillbilly to the Mid-West.

I woke up at 5am this morning....and you'll never guess the reason. My Christmas Card idea has been born. (Yes, I'm neurotic enough to have it wake me up!) I have everything planned out already from the colors to the patterned paper to the, I'm good! LOL! As soon as I work out the kinks, I'll post it here for all you lovelies to view. But, I did find last years card (be kind, it was my first try at making cards). I also found some Valentine's cards I made.

All for now.....more to come later!

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Kathy said...

It would appear that we are on the same wavelength today. Posting about our kitties.

Your neighborhood "Shebang" sounds like it will be lots of fun. We will have to try your hillbilly hotdog recipe.

Your cards are beautiful!

My Christmas card is coming together too. I still have to make a "dummy" one up, tweak it, and then the mass production line begins.

Have fun!