Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boring Sunday....Thank Goodness!

I love boring Sundays. You have no agenda, nothing to do, and a bra is optional! *grins* Had a big disappointment today though, BB bought Maurice a nice sized pool. We spent part of the day getting it filled and getting her excited for it, only to have the side collapse and spill all 500+ odd gallons out into the neighbors yard. Unfortunately, our yard isn't "level" enough to put up the pool. So amid tears and disappointment, we were forced to take it down until we get a mini-dozer hired to level it out a bit. Truth of the matter, it probably won't be going up this season seeing as how there isn't really that much time left in the 'swimming' season (and hiring out for that kinda thing isn't by any means cheap!) I really hated it for her though, darn I hate it when that kiddo cries. It breaks my heart. But, the tears were short-lived and soon she was giggling again. What a trooper!

Other than that, it was a L-O-N-G nap on the couch with a warm blankie and a soft pillow and Pizza!Pizza! for dinner. *sigh* I love boring Sundays!

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