Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Elusive Critters!

Today was a full throttle day! Started with an early morning doc appt for PMM (everything's fine, just a normal checkup!) and a few errands to run. Got PMM a pool so she can splash around in the backyard. (Believe me, the girl is a fish!) But before the pool assembly, I got to do my favorite thing, putter around on the riding mower! Yipee!! Took hours to fill up the pool (geez, I dread the water bill!) but finally my little fish got to go splashing in the water! She had a good time, even though most of the neighborhood kids weren't about.

After a trip to work-out (UGH!) I smelled really really nice! I was in the backyard trying to get the perfect picture of this butterfly that was loving my "butterfly bush". My dear sweet neighbor invited me over for an impromptu "have a glass of wine and chat with me while our kids play in the pool". I love those times. I tried like crazy to capture the dozens of hummingbirds that frequent their backyard. I got one picture, but then the little critters eluded me...maybe tomorrow evening!

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