Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yummmm.....and surgery update!

Needless to say, our meal at the Japanese Steakhouse was totally yummy! Oooh, my tummy hurt in a real good way! LOL!

Now, for a surgery update. BB's surgery yesterday went wonderfully. Upon coming out of anesthesia, he was raring to go and spent yesterday walking up and down the hallways of the hospital and being totally charming to the whole nursing staff! The doc kept him last night in the hospital because of the drain at the incision site in his back, but it was removed this morning and I got to bring him home. He's doing so well and will soon be back to normal!

I'm off work for the next few days to take care of expect some no-nonsense boring housewife sorta posts...LOL, and I'm loving it!

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