Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just another Day in Paradise!

I have to tell you I am so enjoying being home with BB as he recovers. Today, all the anesthesia has totally worn off and he was feeling a little bit of pain and stiffness, but my stoic spouse swears it's "not that bad".

The day was spent in a lazy humdrum. We didn't really get into a hurry to do much at all....I love those kind of days. Of course, I spent part of the day doing my favorite thing...mowing the grass. I swear, I am a sick individual. BB swears if the grass grows 1/4 of an inch that I'm running toward the riding mower to cut it down! He isn't far from the truth, to be honest.
Of course, I also created an excuse to go the SBF to see what new things have come in this week. OOOOhhh...there are so many new things. New Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Bo Bunny, new Snowy Jo collection from Imaginesce (*does a happy dance rubbing my hands together as I squeal*) Needless to say, I won't actually be GETTING a paycheck until well after Christmas if we keep getting all this new stuff in.

The fun of having no agenda screetches to a big halt tomorrow though. Being ever the procrastinator, I have put off really CLEANING PMM's room while she's been visiting my PU. And now, I've waited until the last minute so I have to get into the thick of it tomorrow before I go to work. (and honestly, I'm not looking forward to it.....she is precious, but she isn't exactly tidy!)

Saturday will be spent on the road to pick up PMM and bring her home. I can not wait....I have missed my little munchkin so much I just can't wait to hug her tight and kiss her little cheeks (only to have her moan..."MOOOOMMMM!" because I'm embarrassing her to death!) LOL

I have actually been scouring past books searching for THE Chrismas card for the upcoming season. (Yes, I realize that it's near 100 degrees and miserably hot...but I have to pre-plan these things if I actually want them sent out a few days before Christmas!) Last year's theme was snowflakes using light blues, iridescent whites and vellum. (and if I can remeber I will dig it out and snap a photo of it) Sooo, only time will tell what I actually find that will please me enough to create! More to follow on that topic...

Meanwhile, I will enjoy the pictures of my blooming flowers and other goodies I have snapped photos of....

I absolutely LOVE this picture I snapped of a pristine white peony. I didn't even realize I had a little spider that wanted in on the image, but I love the way it turned out.

I was in awe of this beautiful fellow. The contrast of my momma's black car really makes the brightness of the colors show up.

Kind of makes carrying a big camera everywhere I go, so worth it!

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