Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Post for now!

Geez, I've been looking at everyone's beautiful blogs and realize mine is on the sucky side! LOL! I'll have to try to fix that a little later. I can't concentrate it right now because *does a happy dance where I shake my tushy* My hubby is taking me to the Japanese Steakhouse for dinner! Yummers, yummers, yummers! I'm so excited! Not that I haven't been there many times, but it is just so yummerific!

And it just seems fair that I stuff myself with all that good food since I just worked out for an hour at the Y (nope, there is not a blip in the radar screen) I did say I worked out...on purpose! Actually, don't tell anyone....but I've been at the Y three times this week and worked out for an hour each time. I'm so darn proud of myself!

Oooooh, gotta run that gorgeous man o' mine is ready to go! More later...

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