Friday, August 1, 2008

*Whew* I'm whipped!

Spent the better part of the day cleaning the upstairs in preperation for PMM's return! I'm so excited I can't stand it...seems as if it's been years since I've seen her. So, I've been a busy little bee today, dusting, carpet cleaning, moving furniture, washing windows....the whole spcheel! But it's nice and shiny clean for her to come home to, but her momma is pooped! LOL! And my body forgot to tell my brain that I have to work tonight until 11pm! (What in the world was I thinking?)

I did go outside briefly to check the mail.....geez, could the humidity get any worse. The second you step outisde it's like a big hot damp wall hits you in the face. UGH!
I have been so lazy when it comes to creativity lately, I think all the stress of BB's surgery, CHA, PMM being in West Virginia needless to say life has been kinda hectic. Hopefully once the family unit is all under the same roof again, my creative muse will return.

I did recieve some sad and rather shocking news yesterday. A good friend of mine that I used to work with was diagnosed with MS some months ago. It came as a total shock because this guy seemingly had the world stretched in front of him....a lucrative career, good looks, charm and a genuinely nice guy. My heart aches for him and the troubles he's going through. He will remain in my thoughts and I hope he's on his way to a more managable life with MS, if that is possible.

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I'm a pretty happy person most of the time. I'm usually very patient and always has a joke to make someone smile...but I have to confess, my pets are driving me bonkers! We have three cats (Fred & Ethel Mertz, and Oscar) and a golden Retriever, Zack aka Bubba. Now usually, I am an animal lover but I think they know that our home has been in a state of limbo with PMM being gone and BB being in the hospital and moving around slowly. One cat, Fred (who is jet black and a little creepy looking to me! LOL!) has been howling.....yes I said HOWLING at the doors to get out. Remind you that Fred and Ethel have never lived outside nor have they ever been outside. It's driving me crazy!!! At first I thought maybe it was a female cat outside somewhere that...erm, well desired some male company if you will. But it's been going on three weeks now and it's starting to make me have a twitch for goodness sake!

Oscar, well.....Os is just mean! The other cats will be just relaxing and he has to come up and mess with them, biting hissing and chasing each other through the house. And believe me, a herd of elephants have softer feet! Os is the cat who bites your toes under the covers at night and pounces on your hands if they are under the covers. That and he has a penchant for licking BB's underarm to wake him up at 5am.....ewww!

Zack, *sigh* has always been the neediest animal I've ever seen. He's super jealous if you show any attention to the cats, he follows you around everywhere and we're always tripping over him when we turn around. I mean, he's a loveable lug but he's driving me ape! Then of course, there is the barking to come in (which is five seconds after he's done the 'pee-pee' dance for you to let him out! ARGGHHHHH!

Ethel is the only one who is halfway normal. She is a regal little priss. She can't be bothered to chase or run. Her only time of actual awakedness is standing up on the back of the couch, stretching, walking in a circle and settling back in. *LOL* what a life.

Well, I'm guessing pre-work shower is calling.....

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Shannon said...

Sounds like you were busy! I bet you can't wait to see your baby!

The animals are cute, even if they are a pain in the butt.