Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will you remember where you were?

You know, there are moments that you know you will always remember when somebody asks "where were you when...". I think if we all think we could list the moments that changed history and that changed our lives. Given the date (election day) and the fact that we, Americans, are witnessing the election of our first African American President of the United States...It's made me think, what moments in my life will I always remember...what moments changed my life and here they are to date...and where I was at the time.

1. Of course, the birth of my beautiful precious daughter (and I was in pain! LOL!)
2. The moment I laid eyes on my wonderful hubby.....(he had on a blue polo and jeans!)
3. The attempted assassination of President Reagan (my brother and I were out of school because we were sick and my Aunt was babysitting us)
4. The explosion of the Challenger. (I was in Mrs. Blankenship's art class in 7th grade. I remember she and I both cried)
5. The beginning of the Gulf War. (I remember my mom coming into my bedroom while I talked to JQ, my big crush, and telling me we were at war.)
6. The Oklahoma City Bombing. ( I was working at Doc's office and I remember DD gasping as she heard it on the television in the waiting room.)
7. 9/11. (That day will ever be etched into my mind...as I think each and every American died a little that day as we watched what was happening on American soil.)
8. As I watch the TV right now, as Obama gives his first speech as President Elect, I realize that this is one of those moments. I'm so glad that this nation has overcome racial boundaries, and looked beyond color to see that we are all the same. Beyond color, beyond social class, beyond how we live our lives....we're the same. (I rarely ever breech the subject of politics or religion, but I do feel an excitement watching this change.)

Blessings to all!


Veronica said...

You know, you're right! There are lots of events that went on in this nation, that I can say, "I was here when I heard/saw that!" Yes, Change is good. I just hope it IS good!
I think I will "borrow" your idea of "Will you remember.." and put on my blog, if that's okay? I will also add, "Blessings" in our lives, even the little things. You have a Blessed day and thank you for the "memory!"

kelliebean said...

What a trip down memory lane - I might also borr-y that one for my blog. We have seen a lot in our lifetimes, haven't we? Hope this new development is a good one for us all.

Thanks for your sweet words about my babies! You've got some pretty darn cute ones, yourself! :)

Blessings to you (thanks for counting along, btw!)!

Amy Jo said...

Of course ya'll can borrow...that's what scrappin friends are for! *grins*

I've been working a lot on my journal and tuggin those slips out of my journal jar. It beats the heck out of paying for therapy...heehee!