Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lighter Topics

Since I was getting all serious last night, I thought I'd lighten the mood tonight and since I'm hooked on lists and it's threatening to take over my everyday life (LOL!)

So tonight, I'm listing some of my favorite guilty pleasures (or facts that you might be better off NOT knowing about me! LOL!)

Guilty pleasures:

10. Blank Journals. I can't help it, I buy them all the time and they all have "stuff" written in them!
9. watching "Wife Swap" and "Lock-up" (the prison show on MSNBC that airs when most people are asleep!)
8. Mowing grass on my riding lawn mower whilst belting out "Pour Some Sugar on Me" (darn those I-pods, I swear I sound right on key and pitch in my head!)
7. spending ALLLL day in my jammies and without 'supporting' undergarments! Those are always the best days!
6. 2nd day Jeans....they just feel good! (I know, that probably is 'ick' to some, but to me they are *sigh* just right!)
5. Pistachios, pumpkin seeds and sour cream and onion potato chips (they get better after everyone else in the house is asleep and I'm watching above-mentioned 'prison shows'!)
4. Good, skinny ink pens. (I don't like fat pens, so if ya don't want me to steal yours...give me a fat pen!)
3. Neat pretty handwriting. (I've been known to sigh and comment on someone's hand-writing....should I call my therapist now?)
2. 'Playing' in my scrapbook supplies....(I've been known to spend hours sorting and re-sorting paper, stamps, inks, etc....BB swears that I have a serious addiction to paper! LOL!)
1. NAPS....whether it be on the couch covered with the green fuzzy throw, or piled up in the bed with just the top of my head showing....I LOVE NAPS!

Well, there ya go. Hopefully, I've brought a smile to your, tell us all about YOUR guilty pleasures! We won't tell....heehee!

1 comment:

kelliebean said...

OMGosh! I could just cut-n-paste much of your guilty pleasures list! Blank journals, check. Wife Swap, check. Jeans (yep, even 2nd day - but my skinny jeans are even better - lol!), check. 100% addicted to my favorite pen, handwriting, and pretty paper, check.

Too funny, Earl! ;)