Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pulls myself back from dropping off the face of the earth...LOL!

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...yet! Actually have been a little "hobbled" lately. I started having a bit of a problem with my knee about three to four days ago, noticed a little tenderness when I put weight on it. I chalked it up to the carrying around of a (as a friend put it) 75-pound child around my middle. Then low and behold, I had this lovely 'goose egg' swelling of my knee and the inability to walk without looking like I had a pole...strategically placed in other words, stiff legged! LOL!

I spent all day yesterday with my leg elevated (thank you Boss Lady for working for me Saturday....I owe ya one!) and had a doctor's appointment today at 12:45. (I Love, Love that my doc is open 7 days a week!) Anyway, seems I have "water on the knee"...which I didn't realize was an actual diagnosis other than in the "Operation" game! Sooo, long story short...I have to Rest, Ice it, Compress it with a wrap and Elevate it. Just ask my hubby, I'm a terrible patient. I have a tendency to complain loudly and be a real pain! Sorry hubby! :)

Hubby went out today and bought the whole Thanksgiving bird and fixins. Seems strange that I'm fixing my own Thanksgiving dinner now....wish I could be at mom & dad's but I'm going home for nine days for Christmas, so I have to forsake Thanksgiving. (Although, my mom is the best cook....and Dad fixes 'Deep Fried Turkey'...which is four gazillion calories, but tastes sooo yum!) *sigh*

See, I told you I whine and complain when I don't feel good....sorry for the downer post! Hopefully, more of my "sunny" self later!


Veronica said...

Wow! My knee is giving my trouble as well! my right one! could be that I fell on it at Friday's night's game? Hmm. We won, so...
We have deep fried turkey on Christmas Eve at my sis' and bil! He does a good one. I, of course, bring Gumbo!! Come on down! No pretenses here, the more the merrier!!! I gots lots of "southern hospitality!" Hope your knee feels better, for your hubby's sake! ;-)

Kathy said...

OUCH! Not fun having a bum knee! I hope it gets better QUICK!

Bummer that you don't get to go home for Thanksgiving! But, I am sure you will have a DELICIOUS time at home! Just keep thinking about all those days you will be spending with them at Christmas time. Maybe, your dad will deep fry a turkey for you then?