Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ramblings of a Cronic Insomniac!

*Sigh* why can I never sleep unless I take medicine to MAKE me sleep? Just a random thought...came out of nowhere! It happens when you're sleep-deprived. (Although I did go back to bed this morning after taking Mogel to school and caught some lovely "I have all kinds of things to do but I don't wanna do 'em" sleep. *Sigh* the best kind of sleep next to "it's Sunday afternoon and there's a thunderstorm outside" naps!

I had a pretty exciting day though! I mowed my neighbor's yard! Funny how riding the mower in someone else's yard, to me, is like when you're a kid and you have your first play date at someone's house...they may have the same toys, but they are different somehow! LOL! (Somebody please shut me up from this innane chatter!)

(( *Note to not eat cold pizza and watch NCIS at the same time....blech!*)) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Glad to say that there is little to report on B's recovery road! So far, it's been smooth sailing and that is such a blessing. He's doing wonderfully and goes back to the doctor Friday for a post-op appointment. I think I'm coddling the poor man to death (LOL!) but he takes it in stride.

School has thus far been a good experience for Mo. Her teacher is tough, and that's what I feel she needs at this point. My little munchkin has a tendency to wrap a person around her little finger and take a mile when you give an the structure and no-nonsense attitude of the teacher has been a good thing. I was afraid when she started school this year because her BFF moved away during the summer. Luckily, she met a nice girl that she hangs out with at recess (I wonder if a momma ever stops worrying if her kid is eating lunch/spending recess/etc. all alone in a corner or if she is making friends).

I have been creative lately....for the shop! Over the past two days, I've done three layouts for page kits (will post pictures later). I'm definitely in Christmas mode, which is funny since it's August and is supposed to be near 90 degrees tomorrow!

I guess I've rambled enough for now. The photos are just random ones I've taken in my landscaping. Enjoy!

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Kathy said...

I'm glad to hear that BB is getting better, and that Mo is settling in at school.

I've been playing in my "studio" a little bit. The creative itch has been getting stronger, so maybe that means I will be stepping up my game and actually get some things done!

I did figure out my Christmas card. Now, it's time to gather all of the supplies and start mass producing! LOL!

I hope you get some sleep. It's not fun when you are tired and can't get to sleep.

See ya soon.