Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Updates!

I know I haven't posted in a has been somewhat chaotic lately (if you didn't know!). Here's the latest on my sweetie-pie...I knew as I waited in the outpatient waiting room and it had been over two hours since they took BB back to the operating room that something didn't go as scheduled. After nearly three hours, the doctor finally came out to give me a report. Turns out that BB didn't have blood pooling in the wound as anticipated, instead the doctor discovered it was a spinal fluid leak inside the wound (which could be very, very, extremely bad!) Doc drained the spinal fluid that had collected and couldn't find the leak so he used a 'surgical glue' all over the area hoping that he sealed the leak. To give the 'glue' time to heal the hole....doc inserted a cathater in BB's spine to drain the spinal fluid and relieve the pressure while keeping the spinal fluid off the wound site. Doc said that BB would have to remain completely FLAT on his back for five to seven days to allow the "glue" time to set.
As we dealt with this change in plans, more bad news. BB tested positive for a staph infection (called MRSA) localized in his nose. Everyone (including us) was petrified that the infection would go to the wound, which would be extremely bad (think "could be fatal"!)
He has been lucky to have morst of the caring and nurturing nurses I've ever seen. I'd love for them to be taking care of him all the time!

*yawns* now, I'm so exhausted that I can't see straight!.

More to follow soon,

Amy Jo

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