Sunday, February 14, 2010

I had forgotten I even had a blog

Wow! Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I've posted to my blog. Real life intrudes and sometimes you have to prioritize. So much to catch up on.....

First of all, life has been extremely fulfilling and fantastic. I love living in the midwest and the house we have is definitely HOME. I've become a regular little hermit. My favorite days are spent here in my PJ's all day doing a little bit of "piddling" all over.

Secondly, I've begun a new chapter in my the form of a new job. December 14th I started to work back in the medical field at a local hospital. I know it sounds so FAKE, but I have to say I absolutely love my job and my co-workers. The job is so fulfilling and satisfying. I guess my calling has always been in public service. I love dealing with the public and meeting so many new people every day. It is so satisfying to be able to make a difference in people's lives in my own little way.

Thirdly, I've aquired a few new "Play pretties" in my absence. Hubby was so kind to purchase for me my dream camera...a Cannon Rebel. I can't begin to tell how how wonderful this camera is. I'm constantly amazed at the shots that even an elementary photographer like me can capture. Even the lint on the carpet is facinating through the lens of that camera. He also purchased me an external hard drive (75GB) that will even fit into my purse! Holy I love gadgets!!!!

I have been creating though in my absence. I completed a very special project that meant a lot to me. For Christmas, I made my Grandfather & Grandma a family scrapbook. One page for each member of our family....all 43 pages of our family. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to present it to them and see their reactions. Given that my Grandmother has Altzheimer's I thought maybe it would help her to remember us better. It was such a special project that I was blessed to do and complete. I've also made a new year's resolution....I'm making a special birthday card for each and every member of my family and friends and sending it to them this year. I'm doing good so far.

I hope that I will continue updating this blog on a regular basis. Seems that writing on it is cathartic to me.....:)

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Anonymous said...

{{{AMY JO}}}!!! So good to see you again! It sounds like things are really going great for you - I am so glad to hear that. And what beautiful cards you're making, too. :)