Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Alive and Kicking...

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. It isn't that there have been any problems of any kind, quite the contrary actually. I'm still in the "high on life" stage and truth of the matter, it's given me a newfound energy! I've been creating almost daily and have even found a newfound love of card-making. So, I've immersed myself in the creative side and have neglected my love of "gab" and blogging, unfortunately.

Things at work have been busy, busy, busy. All the new releases have been pouring in daily and so I've been working a lot (and I love it! I'm like a kid on Christmas morning and my checkbook IS suffering...LOL!) Things will be kind of hectic until the first weekend in April when we have the big Creating Keepsakes show in Collinsville, IL. Sooo, if I'm spotty by posting forgive me.

I'm very grateful to say that on Feb. 13th, I celebrated my 36th birthday. I never thought I'd be so happy to be turning older, but I'm just glad I'm still here to celebrate it. Bob and I enjoyed a very relaxed, and quiet Valentine's Day since Mo spent the night with her BFF. We watched TV and ate pizza...aren't we romantic? LOL! Bob got me new ink pens and 4 types of chocolate...Good Lord, I love that man! *big ol sloppy grin*

Anyway, hugs and kisses to those of you I haven't talked to lately (V & Bean especially!) and I promise to be back with a vengence soon...heehee!


Veronica said...

GIRL!!! I've been checkin every couple of days on you!!! Glad you're still kickin! Happy Birthday! 36, eh? I've made it that far and THEN some! ;-) Post when ya can!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back and doing well! Happy Birthday!!! Hmm...yeah, 36...I was there a couple of years ago, myself! ;o) You know Vee and I are gonna keep checkin' up on you, right?! Have fun and take it easy on the checkbook, K?!