Saturday, December 27, 2008

Late Christmas Wishes and Catching up!

Posting this hoping that each and every one of you enjoyed your holidays and hope that you were blessed with good food, good family and lots of happiness.

Things have been "hootie-wild" around here since I got here a little over a week ago. It was a constant "on-the-go" feeling until it all wound down on Christmas Eve. (For us, Christmas Day is a day of reflection, relaxation and eating until we're sick!)

(Pic above: my cousin Jen, My 'famous' uncle Bubbo and I don't know who that other girl is..LOL!)

I so enjoyed being here for the holiday. Of course, in our annual family tradition, our 'gathering' Christmas Eve at my grandparents was such a blessing. Grandma, I could tell, was a little confused as to why all these people were in her house (she suffers from Alzheimer's), but most of the time she was cognizant and aware. Grandpa was king of the castle surveying from the comfort of his easy chair. It was so good to catch up with everyone and my favorite moment this year was gathering around the kitchen table (all of us grand kids, significant others and some of the aunts and uncles) and reliving all the crazy things we did and said as young kids. The room was filled with roaring laughter (because, let's face it me and my cousins did some pretty funny things!). It brought back great memories and it seemed as if the time has passed wayyyy to quickly.

(Above pic is all grandma & grandpa's great-grandkids!)

Of course, the girls (Morgan and my niece, Hannah) got way more than they ever needed. In fact, Hannah loved the box that my Dad's gift came in! Both agreed it was "the Best Christmas ever!" And, given the great family that I have and the laughs we enjoyed....I have to agree.

May you all be blessed in the upcoming new year!

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Veronica said...

I love those kind of Christmases where you get together w/cousins and grandparents discussing when WE were kids at Christmas!! Glad you had a great time! Catch you later. Vee