Thursday, November 27, 2008

*waddles up to the computer to post*

Ahhhh....the feeling of being pleasantly stuffed almost to the point of being must be Thanksgiving! :) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who may read this! Hopefully, you feel as blessed and grateful as I do on this day.

I spoke to Mom (of course) today and got to talk to my neice and my brother (my Little "Big" Brother...he's four years younger than me but towers over me!) Affectionately named "G" to me. He and I don't get to talk much, usually on the holidays, and that's something I wish weren't so. Life gets away from us, and even though he's on my mind a lot...we just aren't as close as I wish we were. He's a top-notch guy and a great dad and husband, I've missed him a lot lately.

I really missed being home and helping Mom cook Thanksgiving
dinner. I called right before they ate dinner and I got to talk to Hannah. That sweet little voice asking me "Hey, A...are you coming over for Thanksgiving?" and telling me she loved me...brought a tear to my eye. I hate that I'm not close enough to see her except for a few times a year. I love that little munchkin.

Other than missing home, my Thanksgiving was wonderful! My sweet BB cooked the whole meal for us. The food was wonderful and the chocolate-pecan pie....mmmm, so good! I'm grateful and blessed to have such a great husband. He spoils me beyond anything I could ever could imagine...and I've never been used to that. He's truly my soulmate...I don't even want to imagine life without him right next to me.

My sweet daughter is such a blessing. She ate with gusto and tried the green bean casserole and stuffing and loved them! She's growing up on me and I hate it, but I am so grateful to see what a beautiful, kind and caring young lady she's becoming. I'm so blessed to be a mom and have a great kid!

We started a new tradition this evening. We always have "Family Movie Night" on Saturday night, but since it's a holiday we incorporated a "Holiday Movie Night" on Thanksgiving evening. Tonight, we watched "Home Alone" (which is a favorite). Morgan loved it and we all giggled and laughed even though Bob and I have seen it many times. We then followed it up with "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". (Another favorite of mine, but I don't remember it having as much 'language' in it as it did, so I did a lot of covering of ears!) We were in pajamas at 6pm and sat around watching Christmas movies and having seconds....that's what holidays are all about right?

May each of you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a great day!!

kelliebean said...

Oh, this post just gives me the warm fuzzies! We're both blessed beyond belief, aren't we?!

I kwum about the Christmas Vacation movie! I'm Tivo'ing this year 'cause I figure the language won't be quite as bad!