Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am sooo zonked!

I am literally dead on my feet! Today was looooong and tiring for me. Me and Boss Lady did a trade show for the upcoming holiday shopping frenzy. Usually when we do a show (I work for a local independant scrapbook store) there are up to four or five employees working the show/registers/customer, it was a small-scale show so it was me and Boss Lady. YIKERS! Am I tuckered out! As I told BB, darn how come I didn't hurt this bad 10 years ago...then he so promptly reminded me that 10 years ago I had a two-or-so week old and the ol' body was still recovering! (I just hate a smart man...LOL!)

Anywho, to further my immense tiredness and being the good momma I am, I agreed to a sleepover at our house. So right now, Mo and her little friend are upstairs hyped out on an extra helping of MM's and giggling, and from the sounds of it, jumping from the top bunk to the floor...*shakes my head* geez, somebody shoot me already! LOL!

I am in major creative mode though...not that I am actually creating, but I'm thinking about it! No, that isn't the entire truth. I have about a hundred projects that are "just a smidgen" from being least half a dozen mini-books, the seven albums I am constantly adding to, not to mention some samples for the store and doing samples for some classes I'll be teaching in the upcoming month or two. *whew* when I re-read that, now I really am exhausted! LOL!

And when exactly did the wind turn from almost tropical to "bite to the bone" cold? Today the HIGH was low 40's! YIKES! (and even though I've done the whole changing out of Mo's summer vs. winter wardrobe, mine still has tank tops and t-shirts. Guess that will be something I'm addressing in the next day or so.) ....these thoughts amid the giggles that have turned to squeals and two little girls screaming " quiet THEY will hear!" I guess me and BB are ogres or something!

But, even though I'm so tired I can't think straight....I'm so blessed to be a parent. In these little moments, you hear those "deep from the belly" laughs and giggles of your happy child and it makes all the "growing pains" worth it, doesn't it? I love the little stinker! *goofy smile*


Veronica said...

sorry you had such a long day, but i hope it was profitable and productive!! Yes, I remember those "sleep-over" days. my girl is now 15 and she still has them once in a while, just not as much giggling! i miss those days! ;-) get some rest. the girls will be sleeping as soon as the sugar wears off!! you hope!

kelliebean said...

You're a good momma, letting her have a sleepover even though you're so tuckered out. She'll look back someday and realize for herself just how awesome you are, you know? :)

We still have giggly sleepovers around here, too.